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In my previous blog post in this series, the early years of IT contracting, I shared my experiences of working in the UK IT industry in the 1980s. Sometime while I was busy doing all that, another IT contractor and utterly brilliant Englishman, by the name of [Sir] Tim Berners-Lee cobbled together something he called the World Wide Web. So given it was invented by an Englishman in Switzerland, why do the Americans now act as though they own the internet? And why… Continue reading

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IT Software Configuration Management a Black Art?

“Configuration Management is a Black Art” or even “Change Management is a Black Art” are things that I sometimes hear on client sites, mostly from the senior management sitting far above the CM team itself. To an experienced Configuration Manager, this statement begs two questions: “Is it true?” and “Does it matter?”
Let’s take a quick look at those questions… Continue reading

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