Contractor Mentoring

After more than quarter of a century as an IT contractor, and having started a number of other successful businesses along the way, it could be said that Andrew possesses precisely the experience and knowledge that anyone new to contracting needs to succeed. Successful IT contracting, indeed any contracting, is a State of Mind (to quote the Royal Marines) and if you want to succeed as a contractor you will need the right mindset and training.

When Andy White provided the inspiration behind the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) back in 1999 Andrew was one of the 50 founder members, and a contributor to the fighting fund used to take Blair’s government to the European Courts over Brown’s introduction of IR35. Andy ran a number of seminars preaching the benefits of “Being In Business On Your Own Account” (or BIBOYOA as it became known). Andrew was already working to these principles but took the opportunity of the seminars to further formalise his contractual working arrangements.

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Andrew then is a contractor in the strictest sense of the word, and has been for a long time. Now well established he enjoys working with those new to contracting, and helping to set them on the right path for the future. Through his guidance you will, amongst many other things, learn the contractor-specifics of:

  • A Business-Like Approach
    • The Right State of Mind (BIBOYOA)
    • Business Structure: Limited/Umbrella/etc.
    • VAT Registration
    • Business Records
    • Bookkeeping
    • Outsourcing
    • Professional Organisations
    • Insurances
    • Expenses
    • The Enemy
  • Marketing for IT Contractors
    • Your CV
    • Your LinkedIn Profile
    • Your JobServe Profile
    • Agencies versus Interim Service Providers
    • Finding Direct Contracts
  • Contract Negotiation
    • Contract Rate
    • Contract Terms
    • Everything Is Negotiable Until The Contract Is Signed
    • Never Leave Home Without A Signed Contract
    • Walking Away Without Losing
    • IR35
  • The Client Relationship
    • The Initial Meeting
    • Day One
    • Clothing
    • Working Times
    • Holidays
    • Timesheets
    • Problems & Issues
  • More Marketing
    • Networking
    • Testimonials
  • Contract End
    • Prompting The Client
    • Extension versus Renewal
    • Moving On
    • Timing of Steps
  • Any Questions?

To learn more, please send us an email with the subject Contractor Mentoring through this page.

Your introduction to Andrew’s mentoring programme will begin by covering the above common topics in a short course, will include introductions to members of Andrew’s team of experts and professional advisers as and when you need them, and will continue with confidential one to one access to Andrew to help and guide you through your first contract and until you feel comfortable going it alone. You will be invited to join regular discussions with other mentees where you will be welcome to ask any questions of a non-confidential nature, and will occasionally benefit from access to a guest expert on a topic relevant to professional contractors.

Not sure if this is right for you? See what a previous mentee said:

“I worked with Andrew at ICL on a major project using the Serena toolset. He proved a valuable mentor & helped me gain much experience in the CM Arena plus adapting to working in a large project team. I would recommend him for his leadership & ability to motivate but also to encourage & mentor those with less experience which has set me forward to a successful career…”

To learn more, please send us an email with the subject Contractor Mentoring through this page.

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