Camping Equipment Shop

Project Manager & Configuration Manager

Camping Equipment Shop is a small online-only retailer that has just part-launched. We were responsible for all aspects of the project management and configuration management of the e-commerce website creation and launch, together with the business creation itself, including but not limited to:

  • Production of Business Plan and outline proposal for ‘Camping Equipment Shop’ e-commerce website
  • Linux server setup; hosting and email configuration
  • Web design and development using predominantly open-source PHP software
  • Scheduling, risk management, and budget control of website development
  • Configuration management (including version control and parallel development branch & merge strategies) of website development
  • Definition of sales process lifecycle, transitions between states, and associated automated emails
  • Research into competitor pricing strategies, decisions regarding selling price-points & profit margins
  • Supplier engagement & discount negotiation, agreement of drop-ship SLAs and ongoing management: regular reviews to ensure delivery on time to quality
  • Test definition, coordination and defect management
  • Business networking and online & offline promotion of ‘Camping Equipment Shop’ brand and shopping cart website
  • Selection and engagement of outsourced (partially offshore) team for development and BAU operation

Note that website development, product uploads, and SEO work in particular, is continuing via outsourced workers with final completion and full launch scheduled for spring 2011. Orders are however already being taken and profit being made.

We have additionally worked with a number of SMEs delivering consultancy on the project management, configuration management, test management, defect management, release management and promotion of their own business websites.


Business Plan, Linux, open-source software, PHP, risk management, budget control, SLAs, test definition, defect management, outsourcing, offshore.

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