We are proud to have delivered services to a wide range of clients over the years and to have amassed substantial experience in the process.

The sectors in which we have worked include, but are not limited to:

  • Education/ Academic / University / Research
  • Ecommerce / Website/ Online Retail
  • Mapping Agency
  • Army / Defence / MoD
  • Aviation / Airport Systems / In-flight Systems
  • Software Publisher /¬†SAAS Bureau
  • High Street Retail
  • HMRC / Government Department
  • Congestion Charging Scheme
  • Retail Banking / High Street Banking
  • Software Solution Provider /¬†Service Solution Provider
  • Post Office Automation
  • Finance & Insurance

Case Studies detailing our work with typical clients in these sectors can be found by hovering over the “CASE STUDIES” heading & sub-menu above, or by following the links below:

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